Seema Crossbody&Purse Pattern&Video

10 thoughts on “Seema Crossbody&Purse Pattern&Video

  1. I already have this pattern, do I need to buy it again to participate

    1. Hi, Bonnie. No, just follow the steps given in the email I sent for the updated pattern to access the video. 🙂

  2. I have just paid $15.00 for this course and pattern, why am I asked now to pay another $4.50?

    1. Hi, Angela! The coupon was set to deduct the sale price. I’ve now updated it to deduct the actual price. Please try to log in again. Thanks!

  3. I can not access the video for the seema bag I went threw all the steps used the coupon code but all i get is the trailer video

    1. Please visit this page, log in to your account scroll down and click on curriculum just beside overview. Then click on the lessons you would like to watch. Thanks!

  4. Do I have to BUY pattern first for $15.00 to get the coupon code to make it Free? Don’t see code any where.

    1. Hi! Yes, you can purchase the pattern here if you’d like to use a credit card:
      or directly purchase the pattern through the checkout here and not use the code to access it but if you purchase through this site you’d have to use PayPal. Thanks!

  5. I have purchased all the patterns in a bundle. I can not an do not have access to any thing.

    1. Hi, Emily!
      The pattern bundle is delivered by Gumroad. Please look for an email from Gumroad. Thank you!

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