Beginner Bag Making Course 2.0

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8 thoughts on “Lesson # 11 Attaching Metal Snaps and Rivets

  1. Thank you so much for the lessons. Looking forward to make my own!

    1. You’re most welcome. Would love to see how your bag turns out. 🙂

  2. Thank you. I’ve learned a lot.

  3. How do I get to continue to course 2.0

    1. Hi!
      This is the course 2.0. Thanks!

  4. Hello Javeriya,
    Thank you soo much for this awesome course. I have learned a lot from you.

  5. Thank you for these lessons, I’ll have to try to make my own now!
    My pattern only shows a 1″ test square , not a 2″ test square as per your instructions, do I have the right size pattern?

    1. Hi, I made this video long back using an older version of the pattern.

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12 thoughts on “Beginner Bag Making Course 2.0

  1. Can’t wait for the course

  2. I cannot find the free cover girl pattern

  3. When does the first lesson start?

    1. It’s all here. Just click on the lesson you’d like to watch under curriculum and you can get started right away! 🙂

  4. How come the lessons are inaccessible

    1. Hi, you need to make an account so you can have lifetime access. 🙂

  5. Thank you. I’m eager to start making bags.

  6. Where is access to the free course?

    1. Hi! You need to create a free account on this site to access the course. Thanks!

  7. Can I go back on the lessons any time so that I can bag again

    1. Hi, Kim! Yes, you can. 🙂

  8. I have finished the course! I have made the bag and I am very proud and pleased with the result. I found the classes and the tutorial very easy to follow and everything was explained so clearly. I am looking forward to making another bag using this pattern as a template but with some of my own minor changes and flourishes. You are a wonderful instructor! Thank you very much.

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